Abhinav Gadia - IIM - Ahmadabad – Ajnext
CA FINAL - Batches start on 17th April 2021 in Andheri, Borivali, Charni Road & Ghatkopar. Please call 8080324444 for details.

I’m writing this basically to thank you for 2 reasons:

First, for the wonderful friends, and memories which I got to take away from here during the 3 and a half years from IPCC, to Final CA. I’ll always remember and cherish those!

And second, and more importantly, for the wonderful learning experience that you have provided. A big thank you to all the professors for their constant and continuous help, support, approachability and well, just being the wonderful teachers that they were. The conceptual clarity that I have gotten from the professors is something I am really thankful for. I was in some other class for CPT, and it was a tricky decision for me to join a new class. But I did so because of Anuj sir, and so did many of my friends. In hindsight, I can say that it was a great decision to take the leap of faith, because he and his team guided us, mentored us and helped us grow through the course as students being able to accomplish things we could only dream of when we entered the course, and making us ready to enter the fraternity.

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